too old for easter

let's get one thing straight; i love jesus as much as the next guy (equal to but no greater than elvis mind you) but seriously, do you really need to celebrate his birth, his death, and then him coming back as some crazy zombie? to be honest, i never really did care that much for easter (cept for the chocolate)... must be all those creepy rabbit costumes and long drawn out church services i suffered as a child.

ok, so maybe i'm just grumpy cause on day's like this absolutely no one comes in to buy porno, leaving me completely bored half way through my shift and ready to tear my hair out.

so i decided, instead of sneaking into my neighbours back yard later and hunting around for their kids left over eggs, i should make a stencil about my disdain and go spray paint my neighbourhood a little.

sound like a good idea? well, if you feel like joining me, just watch this quick tutorial on stencil making (via Doodlers Anonymous), grab your spray paint, and meet me outside at sundown.


Grimalkin Press said...

i fully expect stencil tagging pics or better yet a short doc video

Judy Lewd said...


well i have thought about doing some how to but it hasn't gone much further than that

i guess we'll have to wait and see