work jerk gets no love

this weekend is supposed to be one of the most important when it comes to working in a porno shop. having said that, i've had like two customers today and it's almost one in the afternoon already. i'm super surprised i'm not totally swamped, it being both a long weekend and the day before valentines day?

being as bored as i am right now i wanted to update my blog but all my stuff is at home. so i just thought i'd point out that i've been randomly checking out blogs and sites lately and adding the ones i like to my side bar. after hours and hours of surfing through blog after blog about god, toddlers, scrap booking, and other crap (no offense) i've actually managed to find a few that are pretty kick ass. i'm sure you don't need any help finding them so click away my pretties, and realize the vast and exciting visual and intellectual stimulus that awaits you.

PS if you do check out some of the blogs (or other sites), comment damn you.... it doesn't take that long to leave a short comment, but it really does matter to the people who pour their hearts (and other bodily fluids) out repeatedly for the likes of you to enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Every time I see an exposed pussy I instintively want to do something oral with it. ;0)

Judy Lewd said...

then just for you i am going to throw away all my pants...


Angela Hardy said...

Thanks for the add sweet cheeks :D... great blog.. love your work !

Judy Lewd said...

aw thanks Angela! so glad you could stop by!!!!

Gypsy Crow said...

I will seek, i shall comment; promise. Is it perfect that you work in a Porno shop? Almost, I think.
We must all be Rock Stars and then never work.

Judy Lewd said...

i agree with never working but i think it must be a super tough job to be a rock star. definitely not something i really want to aspire to either. i can't stand the thought of being a public puppet who everyone knows but no one knows... you know?

bah, perhaps i'm just bitter cause i'm not in a band

Gypsy Crow said...

No, no, no, Rock Star just means 'the very best at X and recognized as such' now.
At least that is the context in which I mean it, and I say it a lot, so I guess it's a good thing we cleared that up early.
Technically speaking, I do folk music and so don't ever get to be a Rock Star.
Of course, technically speaking, I'm going to ram this acoustic guitar down the world's throat.

Judy Lewd said...

well then!

i just hope i'm present to take some pictures of that... sounds neat!

kinda like i've been really considering taking a bunch of shots of puke on the street. there's seems to be plenty of it in my neighbourhood!

Anonymous said...

shots of puke?!
Cool jojojo Visual aggression. Once I saw a big pile of pink puke... too big to be human, probably it was Chupacabra's radioactive noodles.

Southern Sage said...

Well it seems most don't comment tho.

Hope you got busier!

Judy Lewd said...

yeah come on people, don't be shy!!!

Judy Lewd said...

Chupacabra noodle puke could be just what i'm looking for... hopefully i don't have to go down to mexico to find some cause i hate flying and that would be one long drive...

Anonymous said...

chirp chirp
i wanna felate you under a plate of noodles
until buildings fold like skies
amd ice cream makes me millions
the number i can be reached at is 9-9-1-1

Judy Lewd said...

seriously i'd have to say that is like one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.

i don't usually go for poetry but you are now my newest exception!!