v day and/or depression is just a good reason to get busy

well it's that time again, time for all the lonely people out there to feel even worse about the fact that they haven't yet found that special someone. this is probably why i sold over five hundred dollars worth of anal toys and blow up dolls to sullen looking men in the first two hours of being open today.

sound familiar? well don't go slitting your wrists just yet, instead, why not pour all those rejected and unwanted feelings into something you can share with the rest of the world? you know, really make them feel guilty about enjoying themselves while you sit alone in a corner and cry your eyes out. in case you're not following, i'm talking about making a zine dummy.

wait... what? you don't know what a zine is (jeez no wonder you're so lonely)? well then you really need to check out this little tutorial that was made just for people like you.... and guess what? it's a video so you don't even need to know how to read!

so grab some paper, scissors, and other zine making materials and get to work already (make sure you send me some pictures jack ass).

here's hoping your new found hobby will bring you as much happiness as a bitchy (and expensive!) self obsessed girlfriend, an aloof uncaring bastard of a husband, a box of over priced chocolates, mass produced greeting cards, or ugly dust-collecting plush animals.



Anonymous said...

bow up dolls can't babble incessantly.

Good investment!

Judy Lewd said...

ha ha good point

maybe i should pick some up with my staff discount and have a nice quiet tea party. the best part will be that they'll all be dieting so i'll get to eat all the cookies. :)!

Anonymous said...

Cut & Paste, Xerox'em, Snail mail, Flyers. Only paper zines are real!
btw, E-zine sux big time!
A few fellas are interested in making and buying/trading zines. Making a zine was a fucking good experience anyway.

Judy Lewd said...

i heart paper zines big time....

hey i'm into zines! hey i would love to make trade and buy zines....

so who are these supposed fellas anyways?

how is this for mind boggling fun:

a zine is a fucking good experience
a fucking good experience is a zine

Anonymous said...

I used to run a music fanzine only and people rather buy booze, get wasted than buy zines dunno probably it was that kind of people who weren't really into it and there are some different people who consume alternative fanzines let´s say a non-music zine (politics, culinary art, movies (and not bullshit like "ID4" or "Titanic", arts, anti-system/Anarchy,etc)

Judy Lewd said...


well there are a lot of zine enthusiasts out there if your willing to find them. there are many people in my neck of the woods that are making and distributing them as well.

i like to just drop a pile of them anywhere and not try to sell them, cause it tends to be a little disappointing, but it does end up costing me to do that. i sort of think of it as "community outreach"

also getting wasted is pretty fun too. my friend is coming down in march and we are planning to both get wasted and make a zine. i'll let you know how it goes ;)

Gypsy Crow said...

Great video, Judy, thanks for linking it. The desire to make zines overwhelms; it bubbles up from within like foul gas in a swamp.
Man I wish I could draw though. :(

Judy Lewd said...

you'd be better off wishing you liked and appreciated the style of the drawings you do... that would be more accurate than saying you can't draw, because everyone acctually can.

it's just a really hard thing to do, accept the end result that is. you really have no control over what comes out by the way, all you can do is refine it and practice.

so practice damn it! and while you're at it practice liking what comes out too...


Anonymous said...

nice nice so it's a matter of time and wait to see your zine.

Judy Lewd said...

well i rarely show the whole thing on this blog cause it's hard to scan them in on my scanner but if you look on the side bar there is a section for zines... so just click that and you'll be able to see zine work ;)