The Scribble Project

lately i've been looking all over the internet for inspiration to keep me turning out art like it's going out of style.

one site that has really got me pumped is The Scribble Project. it's a really simple plan; encourage doodlers of all talent levels to participate by giving everyone the same basic template to work with. sound like something you'd want to delve into? me too!

so how do you participate? easy... go to their home page and check out The Big Team Scribble to see what current projects are underway, or email them for a scribble template to fill out and submit!

carriage by the mooks

unfortunately submissions for their latest Big Team Scribble are now closed (see train car above) but check back for their next wave of brilliance, or look at the blog to see older projects (as well as what they're doing with all those masterpieces).

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