and once again....

it's sunday, i'm at work, and of course i don't have any of my stuff or junk here to share with you.

instead of crying about it i've decided on sunday's we're going to take a look at some other shit that's going on out there (and why not?). these posts will most likely be fine art related but i'm not going to guarantee that just yet.

i'm calling it "show off" (which i later changed to "show and tell") cause it's catchy, cause i don't like taking too much time to think of titles for things, and cause "showcase" or "spotlight" is just all together a little too generic for my liking.

this may or may not become a regular thing (i think you all know how good i am at making empty promises) but for now let's just pretend i'm a reliable blogger that you can really count on.


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