Unurth Street Art

ghetto murals, Los Angeles

i'm into art... like really really into it (as if you couldn't tell), but i'm also one of those people who doesn't believe something has to be framed and hanging in a gallery to be considered great art. in fact, i think i have a greater appreciation for art that's made and displayed by untrained random people, and made visible to the average everyday person for free... no strings attached.

know hope, rain on me, tel aviv

zines, self published comics, art blogs, scrap pieces of paper covered in doodles floating around in the wind; this kind of art really speaks to me, really touches my heart and soul. i guess after saying that it wouldn't surprise you to know that i hold street art and graffiti way high up on my list of "favorite kind of art".

banksy, los angeles, rat

now when i say street art what does it make you think of? lewd poems scratched into the bathroom stall wall, a half legible gang name scribbled on a trash can? well yeah, i'd consider these to be of the same faction, but there's so much more to it than that. today's street art comes in all shapes and sizes (some as big as a building!). it's beautiful, complex, compelling, random, and above all, a personal message that is there to stir and move you.

there is as much style and variety in modern street art as there is in any gallery, and in my opinion it's better because the artists making it aren't doing it to get paid or to push their career in the right direction. no, no, no they're doing it just for you, to make you think and feel, to communicate, and their doing it extremely well.

grafter, splash, london

these guys/girls are risking prosecution and fines to show their stuff to the masses, all this while knowing full well that their work of art might be destroyed within hours, or even minutes after completion. now that's fucking art people, i don't even care what it looks like!

Adres, trust your money to professionals, Lisbon

Unurth is one of many online galleries that specializes in documenting and displaying these artists, saving you the trouble of wandering the alleys and streets of the world to find them yourself. Scroll through their feed to get an up close and personal view of each piece, or browse their index to see a bunch at once.

once you get going you can find artists by their street names or by the cities that their art has been displayed and documented.

now perhaps after all that you're wondering why old Judy here hasn't made any street art? well let's just say that if i DID i wouldn't be putting my name on it, and i certainly wouldn't be letting the whole internet know my dirty little secret either!


Anonymous said...

hey judy!! the blog is looking sweet :)

i think you might like this site:

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Judy Lewd said...

hey thanks for the link, i spent a fair amount of my afternoon there :)