Lambiek Comiclopedia

oh sunday, how i love thee. so many fond memories; late brunches, leisurely coffees, newspaper comics...

speaking of comics, if you are into them as much as me, or even slightly close to the amount that i am, one site you need to check out is the Lambiek Comiclopedia. this is one of the first sites i started repeatedly going to way back when the internet was all shiny and new to me, and probably the most influential and inspirational that i've seen since.

so what's a comiclopedia? it's pretty self explanatory but in simple terms it's an on line encyclopedia that contains profiles on over ten thousand comic writers and illustrators from around the world (have you ever seen a comic from turkey? they are pretty fucking sweet...).

basically if you've ever read a comic strip, book, or novel, there's surely a profile on the artist with examples of their work, and likely an informative biography to boot. if not, they are ALWAYS looking for new content, so i suggest dropping them a line and letting them know about the artist they've missed, they will seriously love you for ever for it.

just a side note: Lambiek is actually a comic store in Europe (they boast one of the first) and is now one of the oldest comic book shops in the world people... in...

in addition to artist profiles the comiclopedia contains an extensive history of Dutch comics, which is something you should totally check out if you haven't already. they also have information on the comics code and specific pages devoted to underground comics (probably my favorite portion to browse around in), disney artists, web comics, and more!

so considering it is sunday, and considering that comics and sundays go together like condoms and casual sex, why not head over there and do some digging? just type in a name, country, or other key word into the search bar (i like to type in the phrase "adult") or click on a letter in the alphabet provided and get started already!!!


13messages said...

Checking it now.

Judy Lewd said...

just be careful, I have lost many hours over there!!!