burping not farting


Gypsy Crow said...

There's so many girls in the world to love.

Rosa Hernández Fraile said...

too much charming in the first photo..... ;)


Judy Lewd said...

yes there really are lots of them. i hear there are more popping up/out every single day too.

i agree with you Rosa, that is a very charming picture of Maude. she asked me to post it because it was her fav from that shoot.

Rosa Hernández Fraile said...

but who is maude?? that it means fav??? many pardons by my English excrement!

by the way, when I see you?

Judy Lewd said...

Maude is a very beautiful friend of mine :)

fav means favorite! ahaha sorry, sometimes i only write half a word. then again some times i make up words too.