been a slow week

uh oh...

might be time to wave bye bye to old judy for awhile, it seems she's slowing down. well maybe it's not quite that bad, but in reality it's been a rough week (so why don't you get off my back already?)

no, but seriously, i'm trying real hard not to slow down too much. had guest, changed my work schedule around to accommodate, got sick, got tired, but enough bitching and moaning right? i'm back to the old grind just in time to start my final project for school (which is due coming up in the next few weeks), but other than that all should go back to normal... unless i get bored or distracted.

anyways, just know that i still love you, and still think about you all the time. i live to entertain you... in your pants.



Grimalkin Press said...

ah oh well :(

Good luck on the school projects, thank (godnogodnogodnogod) that I'm done with all that for good

Judy Lewd said...

yeah ahaha

well i never went when i was a young lady so i saved it for old age i guess

note: homework is even harder when you are an old lady... ok ok not THAT old but still, it is.

also, i'm hoping i'll have the chance to do some fun stuff this week too but we'll see.

ps part of the reason i decided to just take one class at a time was so that school wouldn't throw my life into a total mess everytime it came down to final project time. somehow this didn't work out so well, as in, it's still in an up roar. oh well... one day i'll have a real fancy bfa to hang on my wall and impress all my friends with... the ones that already have one of their own that is.

gah!!!! here's to hectic weeks i guess.

Judy Lewd said...


godnogodnogodnogod is dogondogondogondog backwards...

did you realize this?