Anonymous said...

your legs make me cream my jeans.

Judy Lewd said...

your jeans make my legs steam!

Rosa Fraile said...

they are all precious!!

Judy Lewd said...

so glad you are enjoying them Rosa! i am a huge fan of your art!!!


Anonymous said...

Judy Lewd. This is friend of ishmael, I shall refer to myself as Silvio Manuel. You can work out the details with Ishamel as to whom I am.

Was looking at these in the basement of ishmael, I told her 'I know guys on the internet who would jerk off to these'

Your joints are phenomenal, your curves fantastic, the trueness to life impeccable. I have decided to start my own blog dedicated to you with art that we would mutually appreciate.

You should be famous!

Judy Lewd said...

well i just don't know what to say about that

except maybe that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me and that i'm wearing about the biggest smile a girl can wear right about now.

can't wait to see said blog, and just between you and me i think i know who this is. ismael told me all about you... "Silvio".. hee hee hee

please send me a link asap, and let those pervs on the web know where they can get there jerking material from now on.