i was only able to recover so many files

i'm going to post what i have left, which is mainly photos, so that if my computer ever craps out again at least i'll have a record of everything. originally, i didn't want to put EVERYTHING in the blog, just a taste here, and a taste there... but if i had included more, i would have lost less... so a lesson learned i guess.

i think it would be fun to try to post for an entire year straight. to be fair i'm going to "back date" to my birthday, which was may 1st by the way, and try to go until may first, next year, without missing a day. i know what you're thinking... yeah fucking right... well, we'll see how long it will go, i'd be happy with about three months personally.

in case you're wondering, i was only able to recover about ten percent of my files, so learn from my mistake and make sure you back your stuff up... or make copies or whatever.

hope you enjoy what's left...


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