traffic box

a painting that i was commisioned for a year ago. the box is actually painted on both sides but i only have the picture of the one...


Capra aegagrus hircus said...

On the other side, everyone is naked and fucking.
No, seriously, its not, but I know the temptation was there when you were painting it. That moustache is timeless, Judy! I think I will shave my muzzle tonight and mascara mine.
Pencil thin and deadly!

Judy Lewd said...


i wonder how fast i would get kicked out of the city for painting a public orgy

Capra aegagrus hircus said...

I'd like to see them round up the number of pitchforks it would take to get you to leave!

The torches would be easy, but those damn villagers burn everything when they're afraid.

ishmael said...

i thought there was a picture of me on the other side?

Capra aegagrus hircus said...

That was you on the other side?
I didn't recognize you in that position....and by position I mean clothed.