a letter from Dr. Krynski

...where would i panhandle? karma isn't instant today just dont have the foresight to invest in the future. siiiiiggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: good thing technology has advanced since the speak and spell. oh wait: not really.
w-r-o-n-g : wrong!!!!!!!!
but then again, all vietnam movies are good. or at least the one's without charlie sheen. or was it emilio estevez? wasn't he married to paula abdul at one point in time? is he still alive even?
i feel like watching young guns and smoking 'bon jovi' cigarettes...the ones for kids. nothing goes better with yer morning cigarette than 80's power ballads. and a hangover. i recently drank a bit too much tequila and started to get fresh with chico...and i thought it might be a good idea to start the slapping game. but it wasn't....evidently, i was instrukted to take off my ring since it was getting a bit rough and then i feel asleep immediately after removing said ring- but this was all news to me.
i kinda blacked out and i woke up and i had no clothes on and my ring wasn't on my finger and i had to phone and find out why - it was embarassing for real, yo......

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Anonymous said...

dang - i wanna play the slap game again