Looking for a comic writer.

As you have probably noticed I don't really do a lot of writing. I really do have an appreciation for this art form and I know many people who are really great at it. If you enjoy what you see here, and you are a writer yourself, perhaps you should contact me and we should see what we can come up with as far as a collaboration. Could be a big or small project, comics or illustration. Hey, maybe you just want to post some creative writing here on my blog. Whatever your idea is, feel free to contact me. I am waiting anxiously!

xoxoxoxoxox Judy


Anonymous Assclown said...

I really only do the type of comedy that inspires people to go out and strangle hobos and other assorted slovenly transients. Not so much funny as it it soul-crushingly depressing. So I doubt I could help. But I don't think you need "ha-ha" funny.

Judy Lewd said...

I think you had better send me something anyway. I mean, I can't remember the last time I was inspired to strangle a hobo, and that used to be a regular hobby for me.

xoxoxox Judy