more contact info or everything you ever wanted to know about Judy but you were afraid, very afraid

On Dec 22, 2007 12:03 AM, Mark Cooke wrote:

I was going to call you monday and I was looking in my address book and couldn't find your new phone number or address. What's up with that? Besides the fact that I would love to talk with you and see how life is treating you and as I have something to mail to you. (don't worry it's not Christmas bullshit) So yah, get off your ass and send me an e-mail for a change, and include all the pertinent info I need. Love you lots Mark

i'm trying to cut down: "you'r server will be with you" & "little did they know"

written by Serena Wells, illustrated by Judy Lewd
taken from "a Christmas comic"

My reply:

OK OK, what info do I think you would need?

Let's see:

I wear size 8.5 in ladies and 6.5 in men's shoes.
My phone number hasn't changed since the last house.
I don't have cell yet/still/will probably never have one.
Send me a letter damn it!
Things are pretty awesome right now. I love living here. I just let a friend throw her birthday party here Saturday and I am still trying to recover from it. I threw a cake in her face and she THANKED me afterward. I mean what happened???? It made me think of your friends party where they caked me back, and your party where I was ASKED TO LEAVE so that I wouldn't throw the cake at you AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA OMG what the fuck is wrong with me??????
I feel weird sometimes lately, like I am getting old, but not much. I still have a blast and there seems to be people even older than me everywhere.
The whole "artist" thing doesn't seem to be WORKING as in, it doesn't pay at all, but I still do it because it feels good and it is fun and I feel like I am obligated to do it too, like it's what I am here for.
And you?
I hope you are doing something artistic, at the very least cocaine with other artists OK?
I miss you as always. I love you and all that other stuff as well.

Anyways. That's the important stuff.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Judy Lewd

written by Serena Wells, illustrated by Judy Lewd